Yoga // Gorgeous Napa in the Fall


Sometimes the universe lines up and you meet someone you just vibe with right off the bat. That was Amanda Strauss and I when we met up one sunny afternoon in Napa this fall. We found each other online and by the time we wrapped our shoot, we realized we both went to the same college in Santa Barbara, have a love for bohemian fashion, love traveling and are very into yoga. She is radiating with positive energy, I encourage you to take a class with her if you are in Napa. If you are interested in seeing our full shoot, please visit the gallery

Standing Single Leg Forward Fold + Hollow Back Handstand (above) and Half Lotus tree pose (below)

Triangle Pose (above) and Half Lotus + Tiger Pose Variation (below)

Boat Pose Variation + One legged Chatarunga (below)

Dancers Pose (below)

Eagle Pose Variation (above) + Baby Grasshopper Pose (below)