The Concept, Behind the Scenes of Day 1


I was in New York last month filming "The Concept" with the Framed Network, a show that follows two amazing photographers, Lindsay Adler and Brooke Shaden. For 5 days, 6 assistant producers watched as The Framed crew captured the magic of Brooke and Lindsay as they faced off daily photographing their own concepts at the same location. Check out the promo. I had the opportunity to make some amazing new friends, be personally mentored by Brooke and Lindsay, explore the New York area and take some awesome portfolio images. These are my behind the scenes images from Day 1 at the studio and at the abandoned shipwreck in Staten Island. What an amazing day, I can not wait to share my portfolio image, it will have to wait until Episode 1 comes out in the late summer/early fall. Stay tuned!

The Assistant Producers, Brooke Shaden and Lindsay Adler taking a break from filming to explore the High Line.

Photo cred goes out to Gabe for having long arms and getting us all in one shot and letting us be silly on the High Line.

Carson, Brooke Shaden's model for Day 1 and 2.