The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios is exactly as you would imagine it, magical. Hidden behind a secret entrance lies Diagon Alley, a place where you instantly embrace your inner child. As you enter, you will find the dragon that escapes on top of Gringotts Bank. There is a very fun ride at the end of Diagon Alley called Escape from Gringotts Bank. Along the way you can stop in Olivander's Wand Shop and get a special wand, visit shops like the The Owlery, get your writing supplies at Scribbulus, and more dark items at Borgin and Burkes. You can also exchange money at Gringotts Money Exchange, have a beer at the local pub, and so much more. I did try Butter Beer, it's a tad bit sweet for me, but it's worth a try. The best part is spells! You can make things move, make water spit out of a fountain, turn on lights, make it rain, all with your handy dandy wand and map to conduct the secret spells.

Board a train and head on over to Hogsmeade, located in Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. There you can travel through Hogwarts Castle and ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. The restaurant and pub, Three Broomsticks has plenty of choices of beer and yummy treats to go with it. I can't wait to go back! The roller coaster was a lot of fun and both major rides were so entertaining, thrilling and unexpected. Lines can be long, so definitely head there first and get in line. I found myself wanting to spend the whole afternoon there, it is such a wondrous place.

Tuesday Thesis: Little Red Riding Hood and the White Wolf


This was one of my first shoots on the project Rescue Tales. It is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood and white wolf. In the fairytale, the wolf always wants to attack Red Riding Hood. In this story, I wanted to show that they could be friends. Red holds a loose leash, which symbolizes trust between the two. Red is not leading the wolf, but they are going on an adventure in the forest side by side. The leash is from an amazing company called Found My Animal, based out of New York. Their goal is to help raise awareness of the urgent need for animal adoption. They are fabulous leashes, do yourself a favor and get one, you won't regret it!