Mixed Breeds


I absolutely love mixed breeds, they have such unique features. This project explores the macro detail of their facial features. These dogs were so much fun to work with. I also photographed them doing their best tricks, which I will post that series at a later time. Sierra is a cattle herder and beagle mix, she was rescued from ARF by Nicolette.

Josie is a lab shar pei mix. She is a part of my family, my husband and I rescued her from a San Diego animal shelter nearly 8 years ago.

Betty is a pug mix and was rescued by Gretchen. Cleo is a husky boxer mix. She is also a part of our dog pack, my husband and I rescued her at a dog park in San Diego when she was 8 weeks old.

Jenga is a golden lab ibiza mix and was rescued by my friends Staci and Max at the SF SPCA. Emma is a hound dachshund manchester terrier mix. She was rescued by Marie from ARF.