The Great Dickens Christmas Fair


The 36th annual Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party is underway and only has two weekends left! Ever year it runs right around Thanksgiving until Christmas on the weekends at the Cow Palace. The venue is transformed into the streets of Old London, filled with pubs, theatres, dance and music halls, vendors and great food. It was my second year back to photograph. This year I was on the hunt for interesting characters and unique crafts. Brownie points to anyone that can spot me in one of the images. :) 

Send a telegraph or rose to another visitor and they will call out their name to deliver the message.

Head to one of the 5 pubs and order a Hot Toddy or Irish Coffee among other delicious drinks.

Head over the print shop and see how prints were made back then. 

Be sure to check the schedule and visit one of the 7 theaters for a very entertaining play. Listen to the traveling carolers on the street and maybe you'll spot Father Christmas. 

Stop by the adventurers club and hear about war strategy. 

The fair would not be complete of course without some absinthe tasting at the Bohemian Pub. 

Absinthe tasting // The Great Christmas Dickens Fair // Ashley Petersen Photo

Check out Artisan Flamework by artist Andre Nigoghossian. Beautiful handmade glass pieces. 

Stop by the puppet booth and watch a show. My husband bought two figurines for us, made out of wood I believe.

An old camera! No way! His setup looks really heavy. Also spotted is Mr. Charles Dickens.

Before you leave, definitely pick up some warm roasted chestnuts. You'll also find Ghost of Christmas Present wandering the streets.

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