The Great Dickens Christmas Fair: Part 2


The Great Dickens Christmas Fair took part on 5 weekends between November 23rd and December 22nd at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. It was a magical Christmas affair filled with spiritful and friendly entertainers, good food, and lots of vendors to see. I went back a second weekend and took pictures of all of these amazing entertainers. Mark your calendars for next year, running on weekends from November 22nd to December 21st. Be sure to not miss out on this delightful gathering!

Plenty of yummy hot toddies, irish coffees, and hot buttered rums to go around.

Hand drawn portraits by the artist in residence, Louis Nuyens. Need a new corset? Dark Garden Unique Corsetry has many options. These models posed as mannequins to show off the beautiful corsetry.

Try fencing at the Corinthian Rose Sporting Club. Around tea time, we headed over to Cuthbert’s Tea Shop for some sandwiches and tea. Make a reservation weekends in advance to secure a spot.

Have tea with the Red Queen and the white rabbit.

Musician // The Great Christmas Dickens Fair // Ashley Petersen Photo

Listen to some great music by The Conventry Carolers.