Adventures with Simone and her Scottie pup


Charlotte, a sweet little Scottie puppy is new to her family and her surroundings. She is always eager to explore new areas with her best friend Simone. 

Upon researching the history of Scotties, I discovered from Wikipedia that Scottish terriers were originally bred to hunt and kill vermin in the Highlands of Scotland. --- First written records dates from 1436.

With that inspiration in mind, we ventured down to the shores loaded with a treasure map. Charlotte and Simone found a chest and a swing. What an adventure! This blooming bond was sooo cute to document. 

The Great Dickens Christmas Fair 2015


What a wonderful time of the year to visit a most joyous place. A place you can let go of your inner child and frolic the streets of whimsy London, set back in the 1800s. Only running for two more weekends, this San Francisco event is a favorite among locals. This is the Great Dickens Christmas Fair. To see all photos from the past 3 years, please the Dickens Album. 

Grab a drink and discover the many treasures and things to do. A violinist will play you a beautiful song or teach you a thing or two about their craft.  

Keep your eyes out for Santa Claus, you may catch him in his sleigh or roaming the streets bringing joy and merry to everyone he meets. 

Get your fortune read at the Mystic and discover the many inventions of Professor Flockmocker's Laboratory in Ale House Alley. An electrical moon gun, no way!

I love the energy of the bar managers (above). Drink up, pay me. I still don't know if this was staged or if counting their cash with such confidence was just their personalities. Either way, well played. If you're not up for drinking, you can always reserve some tea time at Cuthbert's Tea Shoppe. 

There is as much to do for adults as there is for children. Play your hand at a game. Visit the wand shop, remember the wand chooses you. 

No Christmas Fair would be complete without a hair wreath. There are so many wonderful crafts brought to this fair by very talented artists. It is a treat to discover new gems. 

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Kat+Ben Engagement | San Francisco


Next month Ben and Kat are getting married and I couldn't be more excited for them! I've had the pleasure of being friends with them since college in Santa Barbara. My husband and I have the best memories with them over the years and another one to add to the book is our engagement shoot! What a fun adventure. We started out in the beautiful city of San Francisco on the hunt to catch a cable car. We then headed to the Botanical Gardens and explored all over. A beautiful setting for a beautiful couple in love. We ended at the Mosaic Stairs when the fog really started to roll in. I was honored to have the opportunity to photograph them. I can't wait for the wedding. Congrats to Ben and Kat!