Yoga // Lake Tahoe Meadow


Lake Tahoe holds a special place in my heart. It's where I feel the most myself, centered. I love all the seasons. Biking in the crisp autumn air, hitting the slopes in the winter, hunting for waterfalls in the spring, lounging by the lake in the summer. It's my favorite place in the world. When I had the opportunity to shoot with my beautiful friend and yoga teacher, Ashley Dien, in a gorgeous meadow in Tahoe, I couldn't pass it up. Ashley is wearing the purple salt Electric and Rose leggings and tie dye bralette. There was a storm approaching in the middle of our shoot and it made for a gorgeous sunset. 

Around Town | Sayulita, Mexico | Part 2


A while back, a few of us girls went to Mexico to celebrate our friend Erin's bachelorette. All I can say is, I can't wait to go back to Sayulita! We explored the town with my camera in tow. The shopping is very unique and you can find hand crafted items you wouldn't find anywhere else. One of my favorite items we saw was a hand woven skull at Evoke the Spirit. I also got several little animal dolls from the street vendors, there were so many to choose from. 

There were a lot of animals around town, some have owners, some do not. But I hear good things about their rescue efforts. This pup looks pretty comfortable below, but we had no idea where his owner was. It's very common for dogs not to be tagged and wandering the streets looking for scraps. The second puppy was one of the shop owner's and was very sweet. Another day to explore! A few of the ladies went out for yoga, while a friend and I went for more shopping. 

Cute Electric and Rose leggings, be sure to check them out. These are the tie die leggings I'm obsessed with. 

We explored the whole town, ended with some yummy cocktails and we're greeted by a beautiful rainbow. Nicely played Sayulita. 

Welcome to Paradise | Sayulita, Mexico Part 1


My beautiful friend from college, Erin Chiamulon is getting married soon. I am so excited! For her bachelorette we went to Sayulita, Mexico and rented the most exquisite open air concept villa. Each set of 2 friends had a private bungalow with outdoor showers and a private pool. It was magical. While vacationing we were able to collaborate and shoot some portraits and lifestyle.

Welcome to Paradise! It's so amazing to see her expand her wings creatively with her fiancé Eric Balfour on their yoga surf inspired clothing line, Electric and Rose. I'm in love with their tie die leggings. This clothing line is hands down the best active line I've seen out there. For the true hippies at heart! For more inspiration, check out their gorgeous and uplifting feed on Instagram.

Erin is wearing the Clune jumpsuit from this year's collection. Did I mention she forgot her makeup bag at home, so this is all natural beauty right here. Simply gorgeous. Stay tuned for more...Next Sayulita shopping!