Oakland A's Dog Day at the Park


This past Friday was the Oakland A's Dog Day at the Park. There was a fun pregame pup rally and a parade of 840 dogs led by Dogs4Diabetes. I photographed the parade and met some very nice people and dogs during the game. Not only did the A's win against the St. Louis Cardinals, 6-1, but they also raised money for Dogs4Diabetes and Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF). These are two organizations that I really admire. About three months ago my fiancé was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Overnight our world changed and in the beginning when we met his counselor, we saw their poster in her office and saw that they were based in Concord, CA. I saw that as a sign. It's a non-profit organization that trains medical-alert service dogs to detect hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) in diabetic youths and adults and alert their partner or other family member of this situation. I really hope to work with them in the future. ARF is an amazing organization, it not only aids abandoned and homeless animals, but also promotes the concept that people's lives can be enhanced by strengthening the bonds between humans and animals. This really hits home for me as well, my grandmother was a huge supporter and created the Beverly Bridges Scholarship Fund with ARF right before she passed away. I hope to be able to work with ARF again on behalf of my family and help anyway I can.

Be sure to check it out next year, it was so much fun! Here is a link to this year's information including the winners of the Dog Day Photo Contest.